Rock Removal

Rocks are a popular medium in landscape design. They can add depth and style to your landscape for the right look you’re after. If you’re going for a desert landscape, they are a great way to fill the space previously occupied by turf. There are many different colors and shapes to go with the style of your yard. They’re also great for borders or fillers, adding a textural element, as well as a creative and good looking way to cover up areas of soil.

But they’re not for everyone. They could be the wrong type of rock for your specific tastes. Or in the wrong place. And they’re heavy and hard to get rid of. It’s a good thing we like lifting heavy cumbersome objects for your own landscape vision.

We offer rock removal and relocation services for large rocks down to small patches of gravel and everything in between.

Just a quick note for our weekend warriors, there is approximately 2000lbs of rock for every 120+/- square feet.

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