Retaining Walls

Retaining walls give your yard a tiered appearance and added space. By installing retained areas you can create walkways and places to sit, and keep your garden sectioned and organized. It’s also important to keep water hungry plants away from others so root systems don’t get intertwined.

When it’s time to change the layout of your landscape, don’t plan around existing design aspects that may seem permanent or too much of a hassle to deal with. Whether it is brick or stone, we can remove it and give you a blank slate for your creativity to run wild.

Removing retaining walls can be considered for many reasons. Perhaps you desire a different look and feel to your current landscape, or for structural purposes that were not considered upon the initial installation up against a home that has rotted out a wall, etc. In any event a retainer wall can be beautiful or, a complete eye sore or hindrance. Depending on the material the retainer wall is made of they can me removed neatly from your yard and you can continue on with your landscaping plans.

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