Irrigation Installation

Irrigation: Simply put, it is an artificial way of watering any and all plant life. An irrigation system has a few key components that work together to provide water over your entire landscape.

These components are:  The Timer Clock, Wiring, Valves, Irrigation PVC or Poly Lines, and finally the sprinkler heads or drip emitters.

Ok, so you have a really nice yard … but you are tired of it not looking healthy and full of vigor or having to go out and water it? We understand, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Let our landscapers come in and install or update your existing system with a quality updated irrigation system or parts to automatically water your lawn and plants for you correctly. Most renovations can be done in a day and are reasonably priced. You may also want to consider having a fertigation system installed to enhance the health of  plants and lawn areas.

There are many benefits to having an irrigation system professionally installed and maintained. For one we have been doing this our whole lives, and now our kids our doing it with us. There is a science to irrigation, for the most part we set the up the system to maintain the closest precipitation rates for the plants and grass areas to thrive. We analyze your properties irrigation needs review all plant life including your lawn to decide how to give you the most effective and efficient system so no over watering or under water will occur. Water may be the most abundant substance on the planet, but living in Las Vegas it water is very costly. Let us help you keep that bill down by properly installing your sprinkler system using the latest water efficient irrigation components out, and we will do it at a price you can’t refuse.

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