Landscape irrigation has been around for a very long time. Natural rainfall is too unpredictable. Watering by hand is tiring and time consuming.

A modern in ground irrigation system is an absolute must for your landscape needs. Consisting of a control unit, pipes, emitters, sprinkler heads and much more, it can be a complicated thing to wrap your head around. Thankfully there are people like us out there to do it for you.

The irrigation clock is the heart of the system. It turns on specific zones of your landscape that need watering. As seasons change, so do the appropriate times to water your yard and plants. These can all be programmed into the clock so you don’t need to write those times into your day planner. The yard is sectioned into zones for the clock to turn on and off. The reason your yard would be zoned, is there is usually not enough water pressure to turn on the entire system at once. Each zone has a solenoid valve and a controller. The controller, either mechanical or electric, is signalled by the clock to turn on that particular zone and leave it on for a specific time. Water then flows in that zone, and the emitters and sprinkler heads go to work.

It is important to have your irrigation system installed, maintained and worked on by professionals. Incorrect watering times can lead to your yard and plants being overwatered or under watered. If a sprinkler head is not in the right place you could be wasting water by sprinkling the sidewalk or worse, your neighbor’s lawn can be getting a free drink. Too large or small of an emitter for plants and bushes can lead to your landscape dying.

We offer everything from full system installation, to irrigation repair and removal, and changing the layout and schedule of the watering to accomodate changes in your yard.

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