Lawn Maintenance

Nobody likes to get up early on their one day off and have to go outside and gas the mower and trudge over their lawn to keep it under control, not to mention breaking out the weed eater and perform a little edging to keep the curb lines nice and straight.

When we come in we take care of everything. For the bigger lawns we are equipped with a fleet of Walker riding mowers and for the smaller residential lawns all our crews use small commercial grade mowers. We cut your lawns at an average 2.5″ to 3.5″ for the best health of your lawn. Everything from your small tiny patch of lawn in the front yard to your big soccer fields at your local school. After every mow, our crew takes care of the details by edging all your curbs, walks and driveway boarders and hard to reach corners.

When the occasional brown spots start to appear on the lawn our crews will assess the situation and either recover the patch if it is possible or use precision tools to remove the dead sod and replace it with new fresh grass.

Before leaving a property we offer a sprinkler check service where we test your sprinkler system to verify that you are receiving proper coverage at all points in the lawn. We check that each sprinkler head is issuing the proper amount of water and aimed in the right direction to prevent water runoff  to aid in water conservation. This service also includes adjusting the sprinkler clocks to the SNWA water restrictions to assure that you are not watering outside of your allotted times. With this service if a sprinkler head breaks we will replace it, if a valve starts to go bad you will have an advanced notice before you come home to the water running down your driveway whenever possible for us to foresee a problem.

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