Desert Maintenance

What exactly is Desert Maintenance and why do you need it?

  • If you have plants and rocks then you should probably consider signing up for desert maintenance. Over the course of day to day life your plants, and your neighbors plants, will shed their leaves, pine trees will drop their needles. This plant debris will start to accumulate and give your beautiful rocks a very unappealing look.
  • As rain comes and goes, as visitors and inhabitants of your home enter and exit your house crossing over the landscape instead of using the walk ways, as high winds pick up enough to rustle rocks, and as gravity has its effect of pulling everything down you will start to develop bald spots in your rock where it has been pushed, kicked, pulled, and washed away to reveal the dirt underneath.
  • When the wind picks up it will blow all forms of trash and debris into your yard from candy wrappers to cigarette butts and leaves and twigs from all over your neighborhood.
  • Weeds. Enough said.

Our crew comes through with high powered blowers and herds all the debris in your yard into position to be removed (and then we remove it!). This makes it so you can see your beautiful rocks again. We go through every inch of rock with a fine tooth comb to eliminate the weeds that have sprouted up.

We can also come through and prune your plants and trees to help keep shedding to a minimum and keep the overall look of the yard clean and tidy.

As with our lawn service we can also perform an irrigation check when we stop by for maintenance. This includes checking  plants that look stressed or have potential watering problems by making sure that the emitters are functioning properly and that none of them are missing or plugged up, as well as checking that your watering times are properly configured and that your irrigation valves are in good working order (this is an excellent service because it can help you save water you didn’t even know you were wasting and it can save money later by preventing potential problems before they become major issues).

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