Landscape Installation

Every so often our tastes change and the ordinary becomes monotonous or mundane. Let us help you spruce things up by renovating your existing landscape or just starting over with a complete overhaul of the existing yard. Tired of the rocks, lets us put in some beautiful plants and a nice lawn. Tired of the water bill? Lets remove the lawn and lay some water efficient decorative rock and maybe add a couple of boulders for dimension.

Lights, Irrigation, Fertilization, Plants, Trees, Flowers, Ground Cover, Pavers, Walkways, Flat Stone, Retainer Walls, Raised Planter Beds, its all possible.

We specialize in all areas of landscaping. Our team has been doing this in the Las Vegas valley long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you pick out your new front or back yard. We can help you decide on which shrubs to pick and where trees should be placed that will complement your yard. Grass area can be installed strategically to benefit the aesthetics and usefulness of a property, plus conserve water.

Installing a new landscape requires foresight to the future needs and wants of our customers. We provide you with a plan for everything that we can foresee so you can be aware of future possibilities for your yard. We implement the latest in quality irrigation technology to make your life as simple as possible so you can spend more time enjoying your landscape and not maintaining it.

Speaking of the latest and greatest technologies. Most people know that their lawns need fertilizing, but most of those people don’t know how to properly apply it. Upon request when installing a new landscape we can equip your yard with a fertigation system which is a tank that slowly releases the fertilizer into your irrigation system all season long, just fill up the tank and you are ready to enjoy beautiful healthy plants, trees, and flowers. If you already have a landscape that you love but still would love to enjoy the benefits of a fertigation system? Well, we don’t just do new landscape installs, we also do upgrades 😉

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