Pool Landscapes

So you just got a pool installed and now you want a landscape that compliments it. Maybe some retaining walls with some lush plants, or how about some trees to provide a buffer to add some privacy from the neighbors for those intimate evenings 😉

Regardless of what you want there is a lot to take into consideration before installing anything around a pool. A major consideration is how much do you like cleaning your pool? Plants and trees that shed a lot will leave you cleaning your pool all year long. Do you have little kids that like to run around? You might want to avoid anything that like a cactus or bush with thorns.

Irrigation is also something to take into account. A poorly installed irrigation in a landscape surrounding your pool can continue to pollute it with contaminates, and the hard water run off will eat away at your decking over time.

No need to stress out over it though, just give us a call and we can come out and give you an free estimate and some advice.

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