Are you considering getting a new landscape? Have you been thinking that grass might be a nice option? We can help you facilitate that decision. We would love to come out and help you make an informed decision on the best route to putting a lawn in your front or back yard.

We can explain to you the different types of grass available to you and what the best times of the year to install them might be. A lot of people don’t realize it but there are actually times of the year in Las Vegas that you can’t install sod, not only due to the availability of the fescue, but the amount of water required to maintain it after a new installation and the shock effect on the new turf from the heat.

We can also assist you in planning a proper irrigation so that you will be using the right amount of water to nourish your lawn. To many people either over do it and waste water or they under do it and kill their lawn. At the very least just give us a call and let us come out and give you a free estimate, it can’t hurt and you can pick our brains while we are there.

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