Over time the soil in your lawn becomes compacted from being walked on, having a heavy lawn mowers travel over it every week or every other week and of course, gravity contributes to the compacting. This creates a problem because the soil becomes too dense for the water, nutrients and oxygen to get to the root zone.

Aeration is a process of punching holes and removing cores from the grass area. The cores are left on the lawn and  break down which benefit by adding nutrients back into the lawn.  These holes occur at proper intervals which allow water and nutrients to flow freely to the root zone.  This also helps to save on the watering of your lawn, make it more drought tolerant.   This improves the health, vitality and helps keep lawn disease.  This makes grass happy 🙂

Over Seeding

An additional service to this process occurs after the aeration (poking thousands of little holes in your lawn) is over seeding. This is where we go through and reseed your lawn and now that there are all these new holes the seeds sink right in and have a little more protection from the birds and a better chance of taking root.

After the over seed we go through and apply manure, I know it smells bad but it aids in germination (growing)  of the new seed.

Many home owners try to aerate their own lawn manually using a traditional stepping aeration tool which pokes two holes at a time. You start at one corner of the lawn and press it in by stepping on it then you move forward and six to twelve inches and repeat.  This gets old fast and can take all day, if not longer depending on the size of your lawn.

One of the benefits of being a big landscaping company is that we have big machines that can complete the process of turning your lawn into a giant afghan, and we can do it in a matter of minutes.


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