Lawn Benefits and Basics

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A well kept healthy lawn is the main goal for most who have this type of landscaping. It’s been estimated by real estate agents that beautiful lawns on a property can increase the home value by five to fifteen percent on average. The reason why is because a healthy landscape can reflect on the rest of the home being well kept. Healthy, beautiful lawns keeps the house cooler too, helping to reduce electric bills for air conditioning. Because in Las Vegas, NV our summers can easily reach over 100 degrees, but grass can stay at a cool 75 degrees, keeping the air around the house cooler as well. Not only does grass keep the house and the air around the house cooler it keeps it oxygenated, but it also absorbs and deflects sound, deaden traffic and neighbor sound waves, reducing stress levels and helping the human mind find a calmer environment. Healthy grass will keep a healthy surface soil and reduces dust and wind travel. A healthy lawn is very easy to create and maintain, it’s less difficult than it may appear.