Fertigation is a process of fertilizing all plantlife through an irrigation system. Fertigation allows you as a homeowner or business to rebuild the organic quality of your soil that will dramiatically enhance your plants and grass areas. Fertigation absorption rates can be as high as 90% of the product applied in contrast to the traditional granular absorption rates of 10% to 40%.

We have installed several systems arcross the las vegas area and have had amazing results. We have had very pleased customer responses to the amount of blooms on flowers and plants to grass becoming more resiliant and disease free. The health of plants has many determining factors and with and EZ FLO Fertigation System you are definatly taking an important step in maintaining a healthy landscape. There are Several additives you can add to your EZ FLO once it is installed to head off problems and improve soil biology by using additives from EZ FLO such as Bio-Stimulants, Calcium Supplements, EZ Organic Critter Repel, Insect and Mosquito Control. Small daily doses with  scientifically consistent measurements leads to healthier, more beautiful growth. Fertigation will even fertilize your shrubs, trees, and flowers in your desert landscape as well as those yards that have grass areas.


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