Humming Birds

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I enjoy hummingbirds, they are so beautiful and carefree. Here are a couple of plants we grow in Las Vegas, NV and a few tips to attract them to your home. Some plants they can’t resist: Salvia, Geranium, Zinnia, any Trumpet Vine, Honeysuckle, Butterfly Bush (also known as a Lilac), Bottle Brush, Lantana, Rosemary, Yellow Bells, Silk trees, Desert Willows or Chilapia.

Butterflies are also attracted to many of the same plants. A hummingbird feeder will also help, the sweet smell from the nectar mix inside can have them nesting in your trees in no time. I have personally seen nests in Pine trees and African Sumac’s, not to say they don’t nest in other trees. Those two just have a lot of cover and that’s what they need for a nest. Theirs nests are very small, about the size of a tea candle, and their babies are equally as small and fragile. If you see a nest, don’t disturb it, baby hummingbirds have a high pitch whistle when they are calling their parents, and if the parents smell the scent of a human on the nest, they may abandon it and the chicks. So don’t touch the hummingbirds, but enjoy them!