Landscaping Crew

Landscaping Crew

Phone:(719) 445-2808; (719) 445-2809
Address:4578 Marmora Road, Glasgow


Our Landscape Crew works hard and loves plants we know how to take care before, during and after installation. We have the skills to prune trees, shrubs, lawn and just about everything else.

Our team is one of our best assets to our company. We do our training of new staff members onsite with experienced trainers.

Basic Process

  • Removing and Grading Yards;
  • Install all Irrigation and Troubleshoot any issue found;
  • Install all Trees or Plants Desired;
  • Install all aggregate or ground cover desired;
  • Install EZ Flo Inline Fertigation Safely and Correctly;
  • Install LED Low Voltage Lighting;
  • Prune and Cleanup of all areas worked in

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